Dr. Kristy Morrell

Musician, Heal Thyself, A Self-Help Guide for Hornists

Musician, Heal Thyself, A Self-Help Guide for Hornists by Kristy Morrell, DMA, is intended to help horn players help themselves. The book is an assemblage of drills and exercises, strategies for more efficient practice and problem solving, injury prevention and musical wellness, audition preparation, and dealing with performance anxiety and other helpful resources, all in a concise and easy to use format including ten color photographs and illustrations. The E-book version (available in iTunes Book Store) has six audio clips and two video inserts.  Dr. Morrell is instructor of horn and chamber music, USC Thornton School of Music and the Colburn School of Performing Arts..  Click here to link to iTunes to buy the book for your iPad, iPod Touch or Mac computer.

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