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Baldwin, David

Music for Al's Breakfast

These four unusual works were inspired by Al's Breakfast, a tiny 14-stool diner in the Dinkytown section of Minneapolis. Dave counts himself a regular there and revels in the unique Americana atmosphere of the place (Walt Whitman would have loved it) - crowded and boisterous and always filled with a loyal clientele. Dave's homage-du-yawp serves up the kind of sunny-day-in-the-park music that makes you want to throw down a blanket, listen to the park band (or brass quintet)and bask in the sun's patriotic march toward the horizon. These are really fun to play and a delight to hear.

Dave has recorded all these pieces with the Summit Hill Brass Quintet. Check out the titles of the movements of these pieces and you'll get a good idea of the "flavors" on the menu.

Music for Al's Breakfast III (1987) for brass quintet.
(1. Decaf or Regular?; 2. Americans on the Side; 3. A Bacon Waffle; 4. Hash Browns with Ketchup; 5. Al's Forever)

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Music for Al's Breakfast


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