News? You want News? OK, We've got News!

Well, the News is that the new website just launched. I actually had a blog of about five posts that preceded this - documenting the progress of building this site through Squarespace. But I decided to delete those posts as more agonizing than anyone would want to read. Not to say it was a drag - No - and Squarespace is a great program with a great team of 24/7 help - I highly recommend them! 

But it did take three months of concerted effort to enter all the data. Now this you will love - this morning I took my first order through the site - and discovered that I had priced that book too high. Oh no - well, that will give me practice issuing a refund - the silver lining.

I fully expect reports of small problems to keep coming in. But that just reflects the fact that we are at the stage where crowd sourcing can take effect. I welcome the added scrutiny and the freedom of being able to make the necessary changes from my own computer.

So please enjoy the grazing, please report problems to me and for heaven's sake, please take a look at Robert Ward's new book, 30 Etudes for Stopped Horn. I expect it to be of significant interest next week when I will be an exhibitor at the International Horn Society conference in Los Angeles at the Colburn School. Please stop by on your way to Disneyland!