August Last Hurrah

Now that we are entering the last week of August, thoughts turn to preparing for the onslaught of new coursework, new ensembles, new teachers, old issues and new solutions. Or non-solutions? 

Whatever the case, like the picture here, we can provide the tracks in the form of a wealth of musical materials, both pedagogic and performance, but you will need to supply the engine. 

Get your ambition on, your Mojo stoked, your dreams revved and your tender full of fuel. Plan your route carefully but be ready to alter course when you need to, always keeping your end goal in mind. Go for the long haul and take delight in the scenery along the way. Learn from troubles and let them mature your trip. It's up to You. No one else is going to be as concerned about it as You. So do right by Yourself, be generous to others, and go find out what's at the far end of those tracks!