Summer? Already?

We are presently doing a thorough proofreading and correcting of Anthony Kirkland's Wind Band Excerpts for Trumpet and Cornet. Frankly, there were a lot of things that escaped us before we began printing in May. And forty customers, including those at the ITG, have been informed that they will get a free replacement book when the TRULY final version is ready. AND they will have a collector's item of a uniquely flawed book. [Is that what they call Spin Control?]. Hmmm.

Anyway, this is why you will not find the book in the website right now. I took it down until we get it fixed. When it is fixed it will go back up for sale.

On the other hand, be sure to notice that the National Brass Ensemble CD of Gabrieli (and John Williams) is now available - as is a special deal if you buy the Michael Sachs The Orchestral Trumpet and the CD together.

So yes, it is summer already.  But not yet time to start making back-to-school noises. I hope you are having an enjoyable and productive summer - it's all too short. ROB