Where have you been?

If there isn’t anything New, is there anything worth talking about?

If someone asks you “where have you been?” because they haven’t heard from you in a long time, it could either be that not enough has happened to warrant talking about or too much has happened to be easily described.

What if both of those are true? The thickness of the national political atmosphere has been offset by the thinness of the Balquhidder Music atmosphere over the last six months.  Whichever way you feel about the issues, I just wish we could discuss and support the side we want rather than demonizing the side we don’t want.  I’ll leave it at that.

On top of that I’ve been concentrating more on updating my printing files for the 189 items in the catalog.  I haven’t added anything new except for two editions by Jean-Louis Couturier. One of those is Two Duos by Gabriel Faure, edited for two trumpets and piano, and the other is Fugue a 4 by Charles Lenepvue, edited for four trumpets or trumpet choir. Both are unique and interesting additions to the repertoire .

Overwhelming all of those things has been a back issue, first thought to be a piriformis problem and then diagnosed as spinal stenosis. As the advance of age demands payment, the spinal discs can degenerate and be more sensitive to strain and pressure. The result has been, in my case, of five months of intractable nerve pain on my right hip and leg.

I know that many of you reading this have also had similar problems – you know how much fun this can be.  As of this writing I have now had three spinal injections, one for the Facets, and two epidurals for the discs. The first two have effected a great improvement and I am hopeful that the third (of two days ago) will carry the issue to a return to painless normality.

Then I can resume a fitness program designed to strengthen my core to help support those degenerated discs and get on with life with renewed gratitude. So there, in a nutshell, taking everything into account is why I haven’t been writing any messages for a long time. Added that to the fact that I am still supposed to be sedentary for the next few days to allow the injected medicines ample time to be absorbed to maximum effect.  So I sit here typing and you are the victim of my blathering.  Bwwaaahhaaa.

But on the subject of what Balquhidder Music is doing these days and how it might (or not) interest you.  As I said before, those two Couturier editions are all that have been added since last summer. And many of you have either a few or a lot of Balquhidder Music books and ensembles. 

But with 189 titles, I doubt that even the most ardent collector has more than half of those.  It’s impossible to keep up with all that stuff and the fact is that we commonly don’t use more than a dozen books of exercises in all of our years of practice. 

One of my colleagues opined that there are only five books in the whole Robert King catalog and all the others are variations on those five.  But then he said, “so why shouldn’t yours be one of those too?”  And so, yes, mine are in there too.

I have found value in every one of the books I’ve published through Balquhidder Music and I think everyone else would too.  But as I said, who can keep up with this stuff?

I think the best I can do is shoot out some more frequent notices, simple and direct, to the mailing list, to remind you of titles you may like to add to your library. Any one of these could be the perfect thing for one student or another and it is good to stock one’s library with many different medicines.

I’ve never been much of a promoter – it’s just not something that intrinsically interests me. So that’s another reason I haven’t been on the keyboard here every month. But all things come to an end, right? That goes for my radio silence as well.

Below are the links to the two Couturier editions. In the weeks ahead I will pop out more frequent reminders of other books or solos or ensembles. I hope you will find them helpful and not annoying. Let me know either way.

And I will hope that I will not be chained to the typewriter again by medical necessity. We both need to get on to other activities. Have a great summer – it’s a special time of year that gives us a chance to push “reset” in our life’s journey. And we never know how many “resets” we have left.