The News in March 2018

The News in March 2018

I was surprised to see that the last news update was way back in June of 2017. Last year was a hard year.

Back problems slowed me down considerably. But the last seven months of Pilates sessions have proven to be an excellent way to manage the issue – and I am most thankful for that!

Since the year’s end, things have kicked into a higher gear. Last June I mentioned the two pieces of Faure edited by Jean-Louis Couturier, Two Duos for Two Trumpets and Piano (BQ-188).

and the Fugue for Four Trumpets (BQ-189).

In the Fall, Charley Davis’s publication, Tribute to William Adam, His Teachings and Routines, was the center of activity. We were deeply enmeshed with helping him make housekeeping edits to the book and finally arrived at what we feel is a superior presentation. Many thanks to LeAnn Splitter for her proofreading SuperPowers!

Isaac Smith sent me a brass quintet (Ekphrastic Dances for Brass Quintet) that I found very attractive and we brought it to published form in December 2017 (BQ-192)

In relatively quick succession we have added two excellent arrangements by Cathy Leach – Rossini’s William Tell Overture for Seven trumpets (BQ-190)

and a Saint-Saens Romanze for brass quintet (BQ-191).

I am helping Michael Cichowicz do a trombone version of the Vincent Cichowicz Long Tone Studies and Flow Studies (one book).

And there will be a bass clef version of Mark Ponzo’s Complete Sight-Reading Collection (BQ-90) in the near future.

Neil Mueller is at it again and his latest Masterpiece Duet collection will be called Orchesral Souvenirs. We are just coming up with the first draft of what will be a hugely enjoyable collection of around 60 different orchestral passages cast for two trumpets. This will take some time to come to publication as we also have to seek print rights from ten different publishers to quote from various copyrighted works. Watch for this in the summertime, hopefully.

More immediately, we are happy to tell you we can now supply a really exceptional book by John Daniel. Special Studies for Trumpet is a self-published work that John has had available for a few years and has attracted a tremendous following. I’m happy we can help to extend his range of sales – so check this out. (JD-001)