The News a Year Later (2019)

Time (overdue) for the Annual Catch up.

The latest news is about Daniel Rosenboom’s fantastic book, The Boom Method (BQ-201) This has been the hottest new item that people are snatching up and heading for the practice rooms. You can see why when you link over to it and read what people are saying about, both from the Hollywood studio heavy hitters to the LA Phil trumpet section.

I spent June of 2018 working on Carl Roskott’s Concerto for Trumpet (BQ-195) We brought out the trumpet and piano version and then began working on the full orchestra score and set of parts. That project is in its more-or-less final proofing stages. I would love to have someone play it with an orchestra to be the final check up - and no rental fee would be assessed for that!

Neil Mueller’s Orchestral Souvenirs (BQ-193) (duets on over 50 famous orchestral trumpet passages) finally got finished before Thanksgiving. Neil has drawn on all of his previous experiences in his earlier three duet collections and this one is a winner on all fronts.

Stanley Curtis’s Advent for Trumpet, Soprano and Piano (BQ-199) is a beautiful work ideally suited to church and recital settings.

Jon Nelson’s arrangement of Schoenberg’s Kleine Klavierstucke (BQ-196) for brass quintet and percussion. This is the initial offering in a Meridian Arts Ensemble Folio. Second on this was the Bach/Nelson Contrapunctus VX, Est is genug (BQ-197) for quintet and percussion (vides and xylophone)

Mark Ponzo’s very popular Complete Sight-Reading Etudes Collection (BQ-194) makes the transition from treble clef to bass clef.

In that category, two other titles now available in bass clef are A Tribute to William Adam (CDM2) and the Cichowicz Long Tones and Flow Studies (MC 10013)