International Horn Symposium

We've had quite a week at the International Horn Symposium in Los Angeles at the Colburn School. You might never have believed that so much horn music existed - and it all seemed to get played in one week's time!

We've made many new friends and have succeeded in getting more exposure for Balquhidder Music in the horn world. I've been very ably assisted this week by Katie Upton, a horn player graduate student at USC. In this picture she is looking out for the needs of the customer. 


The next conference I'll be attending will be the International Trumpet Guild in Anaheim next May - lucky for me that these two are close to home. Thanks to all those who visited the Balquhidder Music exhibit. I hope you get many hours of practice and enjoyment from the music you bought. Keep blowing!

Now I am going to try to reestablish some semblance of normal life. But it will be with many fond memories of the folks I met and heard at the Horn Symposium - great kudos to Annie Bosler and Andrew Bain for organizing this incredible week!


First week's Journey

Things have moved along nicely since we finally got all the DSN numbers in the right slots and made the transition from former to present website. And now Glen Lyon Books also shows up here in the Balquhidder Music website. 

I have to thank a few people for doing proofing in the last three weeks that saved me from certain doom. Jean Libs, LeAnn Splitter, Bill Bing, and Kazue McGregor delighted in finding mistakes and inconsistencies. Theirs was a thankless job - but here's some thanks from me to them!

Just last night I got the National Brass Ensemble Story constructed. Michael Sachs and Tim Higgins were fantastic at getting materials to me almost as fast I could think about them - which spurred me into finishing the article in record time. Please read it and watch the slide shows.

The impact of their recording will be enormous. By getting an early taste through their permission to make samples, I got a chance to hear what is coming - and you can too by listening to the audio samples that accompany each of the seventeen Gabrieli arrangements of Tim Higgins. What a wonderful, musical sound. They were inspired by the great recording of 50 years ago by the Cleveland, Philadelphia and Chicago Symphony Brass sections. I will just say that in my opinion, the National Brass Ensemble surpasses even that experience. If you listen well, you will learn a lot from this recording - and it will send you to the practice room. Great stuff! I hope that I will also have the CD for sale when it comes out in October. 

Next week will be a new adventure for me. I will be manning a booth at the International Horn Society Symposium at the Colburn School in Los Angeles. Though much of our catalog is trumpet centric, we do have two new horn books - Musician, Heal Thyself, by Dr. Kristy Morrell and 30 Etudes for Stopped Horn by Robert Ward. In addition to those, I expect there may be a lot of interest in the brass trios, quintets and large ensembles. 

If you are going to the IHS conference please come by the table and say hi. We'll be in what they call the Olive Acre




News? You want News? OK, We've got News!

Well, the News is that the new website just launched. I actually had a blog of about five posts that preceded this - documenting the progress of building this site through Squarespace. But I decided to delete those posts as more agonizing than anyone would want to read. Not to say it was a drag - No - and Squarespace is a great program with a great team of 24/7 help - I highly recommend them! 

But it did take three months of concerted effort to enter all the data. Now this you will love - this morning I took my first order through the site - and discovered that I had priced that book too high. Oh no - well, that will give me practice issuing a refund - the silver lining.

I fully expect reports of small problems to keep coming in. But that just reflects the fact that we are at the stage where crowd sourcing can take effect. I welcome the added scrutiny and the freedom of being able to make the necessary changes from my own computer.

So please enjoy the grazing, please report problems to me and for heaven's sake, please take a look at Robert Ward's new book, 30 Etudes for Stopped Horn. I expect it to be of significant interest next week when I will be an exhibitor at the International Horn Society conference in Los Angeles at the Colburn School. Please stop by on your way to Disneyland!