Gabrieli by the National Brass Ensemble


Gabrieli by the National Brass Ensemble


The National Brass Ensemble. Members are drawn from the major orchestras of the United States and they have recorded, in the most amazingly musical performances, this collection of sixteen Gabrieli brass choir pieces in arrangements by Timothy Higgins. And a bonus piece, the world premier of Music for Brass, by John Williams.

All of the music is in this catalog in the Gabrieli/Higgins section. The audio examples are all taken from this CD.


Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra
Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic
David Bilger, Principal Trumpet, The Philadelphia Orchestra
Jeffrey Curnow, Associate Principal Trumpet, The Philadelphia Orchestra
Marc Damoulakis, Principal Percussion, The Cleveland Orchestra
Nitzan Haroz, Principal Trombone, The Philadelphia Orchestra
Randall Hawes, Bass Trombone, Detroit Symphony
Tim Higgins, Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony
Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Mark J. Inouye, Principal Trumpet, San Francisco Symphony
Richard King, Principal Horn, The Cleveland Orchestra
Massimo La Rosa, Principal Trombone, The Cleveland Orchestra
Adam Luftman, Principal Trumpet, San Francisco Opera and Ballet Orchestras
James Markey, Bass Trombone, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Chris Martin, Principal Trumpet, Chicago Symphony
Michael Martin, Trumpet, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Jennifer Montone, Principal Horn, The Philadelphia
Michael Mulcahy, Trombone, Chicago Symphony
Gene Pokorny, Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphon
Thomas Rolfs, Principal Trumpet, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Mike W. Roylance, Principal Tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra
James Sommerville, Principal Horn, Boston Symphony Orchestr
Yasuhito Sugiyama, Principal Tuba, The Cleveland Orchestra
Robert Ward, Principal Horn, San Francisco Symphony
Gail Williams, Professor, Horn, Northwestern University
Paul Yancich, Principal Timpani, The Cleveland Orchestra
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