Audition and Performance Preparation, Vol. 1 (McGregor)


Audition and Performance Preparation, Vol. 1 (McGregor)


Rob Roy McGregor

Audition and Performance Preparation for Trumpet, Orchestral Literature Studies

In over twenty years these four books have established themselves as the benchmark in orchestral trumpet preparation. Countless trumpeters have praised the methodology and the positive effect they've had on their playing and their professional rewards.

These volumes are designed to help you more fully prepare for orchestral auditions and performances. The process involves de-constructing the materials to the most basic playing principles and then gradually reapplying the complexities on a better foundation. The exercises are extraordinarily useful even if you are not preparing an audition.

These books represent McGregor’s thirty-five years of experience at the major orchestra level (Baltimore Symphony, eleven years; Los Angeles Philharmonic, twenty-four years).

"A major pedagogical triumph", "...a giant step beyond conventional excerpt books", "...a gold mine", "...he literally encircles and traps each of the Audition excerpts, leaving it no way out but the right one. And sometimes he plays with it like the cat with the mouse". 

Volume I
Magnificat (Bach)Symphony No. 3 - Posthorn solo (Mahler); Piano Concerto in G (Ravel)Der Bürger als Edelmann (Strauss); Petrouchka (Stravinsky). (BQ-1 96 pp)

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