Method for Trumpet, Book 2 (Plog)


Method for Trumpet, Book 2 (Plog)


Anthony Plog

Method for Trumpet

Books 2, Fingering Exercises and Etudes (Part 1) 

These excellent exercises constitute a sort of parallel universe to the famous Technical Studies of Herbert L. Clarke. They can work in tandem to enhance each other. (BQ-81 60pp)

Method for Trumpet, Books 1 through 7

The musical exercises, drills and etudes that Anthony Plog presents in the books of his Method for Trumpet are an extended library of progressively tuned materials designed for students and professionals at all levels of development. Warm-up Exercises and Etudes, Fingering, Tonguing, Flexibility, Chords and Intervals, Low Register, High Register, Power and Strength, and Final Etudes are the major areas Plog outlines and develops here. 

The wealth of material is wonderful - a composer's mind combined with a trumpeter's experience and expertise yields a fabulous resource for all brass players. A unique feature of these books is the inclusion of original etudes at the end of every subject - etudes that employ and develop the techniques in that section of the Method.

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