Daily Routine and Vocalises (Thibaud)


Daily Routine and Vocalises (Thibaud)


Pierre Thibaud

Daily Routine and Vocalises for the Advanced Trumpeter

[All text is in French and English] 

These books are a truly major contribution to brass literature in general and the trumpet in particular. In this Magnum Opus, Thibaud instructs in the value of pedals and double pedals and how to learn to play them. Then he systematically carries these settings back into the normal range and demonstrates the benefits. This is a distillation and extension of Maggio, Spaulding, Stamp, et al, in a typically Thibaud fashion. These books present a thorough, integrated and progressive way to take the advanced trumpeter to new levels. 

This is part of a three-volume set: 

Daily Routine and Vocalises for the Advanced Trumpeter; 

Method for the Advanced Trumpeter; 

Chromatic Exercises and Technical Studies for the Advanced Trumpeter 

As Häkan Hardenberger (internationally acclaimed trumpet soloist) states: 

"To study with Pierre Thibaud is a life-changing, turbulent and wonderful experience. In deep gratitude to my mentor I congratulate all players on this book that will provide a window into the world of this great pilot". 

and Don Green (Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra): 

"I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to call Pierre Thibaud my friend and mentor. His insights have helped me tremendously. No serious student of the instrument should be without this invaluable work". 

In the first book, Daily Routine and Vocalises for the Advanced Trumpeter, Thibaud sets out an extensive daily regimen in a small, easily carried book (20 pgs), that is to be worked into your daily practice - after you have worked through the second volume, the Method (cited next). (BQ-73 20 pp)

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