Fuggi Pur Se Sai (Gabrieli)


Fuggi Pur Se Sai (Gabrieli)


Giovanni Gabrieli

Fuggi Pur Se Sai
transcribed by Dr. David Mathie 
for two four-part brass choirs 
(2 trumpets, 2 trombones in each choir. 
2 Horn parts can substitute for 1st trombone in each choir)

Optional Organ part included 
which can substitute for Choir 2. 

Fuggi Pur Se Sai, written in 1590, was originally scored for two antiphonal choirs of four parts each: soprano (probably boys), contra-alto, tenor and bass voices. Like most of Gabriel’s music of that time, it may have been performed with wind instruments such as cornetti and sackbuts doubling the voices.

This transcription was taken from the complete works (Giovani Gabrieli Opera Omnia, Volume VI: Madrigalia, edited by Denis Arnold, American Institute of Musicology, Hänssler-Verlag, 1974). Editorial additions have been kept to a minimum: the slurs were taken from the text, while the dynamics are suggested by both the text and texture of the music. Musical interpretations should bear in mind that the work is vocal in nature and the tempo should reflect the fact that the original was performed in a very large acoustic space.  (BQ-122)

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