Mark Edward Lewis

Duet for Trumpet and Piano

Mark Edward Lewis, composer and producer, has established himself as an expert in the field of recorded music for film and video games. Check out his website for the latest information about his current activities:

His Duet for Trumpet and Piano is a short, one movement work of personal reflection. Beginning with searching, probing harmonies, the trumpet and piano entwine with each other, never finding rest, and gradually progressing through more complex rhythms and escalating in emotional intensity. After reaching a high point , it gradually returns to the more somber and reflective mood of the opening. It is a typical and very effective arch-form tone painting and is an excellent work to include in a trumpet recital. 

This piano/trumpet piece has also been re-formatted in the Finale files to produce an easy to read work on the iPad. Both piano and trumpet are in the one “book” – each player should purchase a copy and therefore, the price for the e-book is half of what the paper version costs.

Click here to link to iTunes to buy the music for your iPad, iPod Touch or Mac computer.