John James Haynie, Career and Pedagogy


John James Haynie, Career and Pedagogy



      With the publication of “The Haynie Legacy”, R. Dale Olson has created an historic overview of the world famous trumpet department at the University of North Texas, and its famous godfather, John James Haynie.

       A group later to become known as the “Haynie Clique” had its origins in September, 1952, and began by the unexpected enrollment at North Texas of many outstanding recently graduated high school trumpet and cornet players.  This group, which included individuals such as composer Fisher A. Tull, former United States Army Band soloist, Robert Ferguson, Marvin Stamm, and Dale Olson, were all students of John Haynie, and established North Texas as one of the finest schools in the world at which to study trumpet.

      By the time of his retirement in 1990, Haynie had taught over 2,000 students, and had become a legend within the field of trumpet teaching.  Ray Sasaki, Professor of Trumpet at the University of Texas, referred to Haynie as “One of the greatest trumpet teachers of all time”.

       “The Haynie Legacy” is a dissection of John Haynie’s career and an in depth survey of his pedagogical methods compared to other master teachers, both contemporary, and prior to the career of Haynie. 

      This book represents a very personal view of a man, his teaching methods, and the story of an extraordinary College of Music.  It is, therefore, perhaps the most voluminous, and informative, book ever written about a trumpet teacher.

RDO-001, 316 pages, hard cover (Please allow three to four weeks for delivery)

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R. Dale Olson, biography

Originally from the state of Texas, Olson holds the Master’s Degree in Trumpet Performance from the University of North Texas, and the Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. In 2007, he was named Distinguished Alumnus of the University of North Texas.

Early teachers were Everett James (Harry’s father), John J. Haynie, Renold Schilke, John Clyman, and Vladimir Drucker. Over many years, his research associates have included Dr. Robert W. Young, President of the Acoustical Society of America, Zig Kanstul, and William T. Cardwell, Jr.

Extensive research over sixty years has resulted in completion of approximately twenty book length works on trumpet performance, design, and testing. Only now, in 2019, is Olson releasing these works for publication.

Dale is currently involved in a monumental work of analyzing every United States patent related to trumpet ever granted, referred as the “Chronology of Innovation”. This research effort will ultimately result in multiple volumes, each addressing different physical elements of trumpet design. The first in this series, “Drainage Devices” has been published in 2019, and the second, “The Trumpet Mute” is scheduled for publication by the end of 2019.

Olson has lectured at numerous Conferences of the International Trumpet Guild, University of Edinburgh, Scottish International Trumpet Festival, Rice University, and many colleges and universities.

 With his wife, Diane, Olson has homes in Orange County, California, Indian Wells, California, and Galveston Island, Texas. He has long lectured and written on the subject of Gulf Coast Piracy and the life of Jean Laffite and maintains a collection of vintage English automobiles.