To celebrate the iPad Pro we have made E-versions of Eight Duet books. They are now available on iTunes for download - click on the title to be taken to iTunes. (And they are all available in hard copy as well - check within this website).

Gordon Mathie's My Trumpet Week is available in Paper or iPad versions.

Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, arranged by Ed Hoffman for two trumpets!

Bach, Fifteen Two-Part Inventions, arranged by Robert Haley with moving transpositions. Special introduction by William Vacchiano.

Renaissance Duets, arranged for two trumpets by W. Jonathan Gresham.

Neil Mueller has produced three remarkable duet books, now all in E- format: Three Classical Trumpet ConcertiEight Famous Cornet Solos, and Thirteen Favorite Baroque Trumpet Works, all as Duets.

Telemann for Two Transposing Trumpeters, arranged by Gordon Mathie.

Thomas Morley, The Complete Canzonets, arranged by Mark Dulin

Bach, Fifteen Two-Part Inventions, adapted by Howard Rowe. These duets do not require you to transpose.

Letters Home from the Great War 1916-1919 by Rob Roy McGregor (Sr.) Available only in E-version for iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch or Mac. PDF version available (contact us) for PCs.