Thirteen Baroque Favorites as Duets (Mueller)


Thirteen Baroque Favorites as Duets (Mueller)


Arranged by Neil Mueller   

Thirteen Favorite Baroque Trumpet Works have been arranged by Neil Mueller so that they may be played by two trumpeters as duets. The first part is usually the same as the solo trumpet part and the second is constructed to emulate the accompaniment. Sometimes the roles are reversed. 

This extensive collection includes
Corelli, Sonata
Telemann, Sonata G.1
Torelli, Concerto “Etienne Roger”
Purcell, Sonata
Handel, Suite
Telemann, Concerto
Mozart (Leopold), Concerto
Fasch, Concerto
Hertel, Concerto No. 3
Bach, J.S., “Jauchzet Gott ......”
Bach, J.S., “Grosser Herr.....”
Handel, “Let the Bright Seraphim”
Handel, “The Trumpet Shall Sound”. 

(BQ-121 80pp)

This is a wonderful companion volume to Mueller’s duet arrangements of Three Classical Concerti (Haydn, Hummel and Neruda)(BQ-94) and Eight Famous Cornet Solos (BQ-102) arranged as duets. (BQ-121 80pp)

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