The Complete Canzonets (Morley)


The Complete Canzonets (Morley)


Thomas Morley

The Complete Canzonets
For Two Voices

Edited for Two Trumpets
By Mark Dulin

This volume contains the complete works from Morley’s First Book of Canzonets for Two Voices. They are comprised of nine instrumental fantasies and twelve pieces with lyrics that could have been sung, played on instruments or a combination of the two. The instrumental works were most likely played on viols or recorders. (BQ-119 47pp)

"I've always considered Morley's Canzonets some of the best of the two-part Renaissance music. Mark Dulin and Balquhidder have put out a really great edition that all trumpeters can enjoy."
Raymond Mase, Trumpeter, American Brass Quintet, Chair of Brass, the Juilliard School

“Here Mark Dulin has assembled duets of a high musical quality not often found in trumpet duo repertoire. Every level of trumpeter will find challenge and satisfaction in these masterfully adapted pieces.” Chris Martin, Principal Trumpet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"Mark Dulin's new book, Complete Canzonets for Two Voices by Thomas Morley is terrific! These arrangements for two trumpets are wonderful duets that can be played by all levels of players. This is a ‘must have’ book for anyone who enjoys playing duets." 
Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra

“I find these canzonets to be very interesting and pleasing to play. They are useful for the study of articulations, correct tone production and tuning between fourths, fifths and octaves. An ideal practice for the complete trumpeter and musician.” Gabriele Cassone, Professor of Trumpet, Conservatory of Novara, Italy, International Trumpet Soloist


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