A Brazilian Collection (ed. Engelke)


A Brazilian Collection (ed. Engelke)


A Brazilian Collection

edited by Luis Engelke

Five works for Trumpet and Piano by Brazilian composers da Silva, Raymundo, Gomes and Guerrero. These are engaging and infectious pieces that will make good recital material for a change of pace. They are excellent for loosening up a “square” player and also provide stimulation and challenge to the jazz student. Curated and edited by Luis Engelke.

Antônio Guerreiro, Suite for Trumpet and Piano

José Ursicino da Silva, Concertino para Trumpet

Domingos Raymundo, Divagando

Santana Gomes, Andante e Bolero

José Ursicino da Silva, Suite Recife

Listen to the sample audio tracks and get the Free PDF Sample at the bottom of the page.

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